How YarnRx Works

YarnRx is a Monthly "prescription" yarn delivery. As one of our "patients," you choose what kind of prescription fits your needs and what families of colors you prefer.

Your bag is shipped out during the first week of the month. You will get an email when your bag is shipped, including a tracking number. You will also receive an email when your bag is delivered.

The cutoff date for ordering next month's yarn is the 25th of this month. For example, to get March's yarn, you would have had to order by February 25th. 

You can change your delivery and yarn options at any time on our website by logging in to your account. Any changes done after the 25th of the month will take effect after the next month's shipment.

How We Are Different Than Other Yarn Deliveries

  • All monthly prescriptions ship for free.
  • The Doctors at YarnRx pride themselves on leaving the smallest possible imprint on Mother Earth. All of our shipping bags, inserts, and tissue paper are made from 100% recycled materials. 
  • We ship as close to the 1st of the month as possible.
  • All of our prescriptions ship USPS First Class with tracking numbers.
  • All of our yarns are of the highest quality. We do not stock "craft" or "Big Box Store Yarns.
  • Your yarn is hand picked each month to meet your specific needs.


How To Choose Colors

Yarn Rx lists its colors in "Color Families." Each prescription can be filled by selecting "Jewel Tones," "Earth Tones," or "Neutrals." Examples of the color families can be found below. You can change your chosen color family at anytime to suit your mood. (Just please make sure you have all of your choices locked in to your account by the 25th of each month so we can have it packed and shipped as close to the 1st as possible.)

  • Jewel Tones -  


  • Earth Tones - 


  • Neutral Tones - 


If you have any further preferences for your deliveries (colors, weights, etc.), just make a note in the "Tell Us More About Your Yarn Preferences" in your cart.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact The Doctors at